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EFI Analytics Software Downloads | tunerstudio.com

There is likely to be installers inside the near future. *64 Bit Linux customers will have to substitute the [TunerStudioDir]/lib/librxtxSerial.so with the 1 found in [TunerStudioDir]/lib/alternateLinuxDrivers/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/

Shadow Logger MS - model 1.21 download
Beta Download Site
Android Apps

MegaLogViewer MS Variation 3.4.04 (2.4 MB) download ** When anyone install the actual 64 bit model involving MegaLogViewer, you require to additionally have a 64 bit JRE installed.

TunerStudio MS edition 2.5.05 (Approximately 24 MB) download * EFI Analytics Computer Software Downloads | tunerstudio.com
Free without any nags! TunerStudio MS, one in the most most advanced along with refined MegaSquirt Tuning computer software available.
TunerStudio MS edition 2.0.4 (Approximately 9MB) download
Check out your beta Releases at: For Linux Free, no Expiration, **MegaLogViewer MS version 3.4.04 64Bit (2.7 MB) download MegaLogViewer MS version 3.04 (1.6 Mb) download

TunerStudio and also MegaLogViewer MS Regarding Mac OS X 10.5+ Download The Particular newest released model regarding MegaLogViewer along with TunerStudio MS below.

For beta Releases go to: Beta Download Site Notes:
MegaLogViewer MS Model 3.4.04(2.7 MB) download
You can get an autoupdate for the most current version.

shadow dash79 msNEW! Shadow Dash MS v 1.00.1 download

To get the Shadow Dash Beta, observe here

If you'll need a new Java Runtime, download 1 from: http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
. nearly all customers will want to utilize Shadow Dash,

For Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 & Windows 8

For Android

but Shadow Logger works on Android 2.1 Windows Support

Support pertaining to OS X

Preview Release.

TunerStudio MS model 2.5.05 (Approximately 18.7 MB) download Linux is actually at present just a tar files. Anyone will must extract these to a folder of your current choosing and begin all of them using the particular .sh file

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